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iS Clinical comes to Plain Jane Skinbar

Is Clinical products contain pharmaceutical grade ingredients that are 95-98% botanically derived.  It is only if an ingredient cannot be sourced botanically, the company will make a bio identical ingredient in their pharmaceutical lab. This way the products contain purer ingredients at higher percentages, and it remains a good option for those with skin more tolerant to botanically sourced ingredients. All of the products are clinically validated, and all of the clinical studies are independently reviewed.


iS Clinical is an ideal option for someone who wants results but wants to process to be as streamlined and simple as possible. We like to joke that iS Clinical is the “kitchen sink” of skincare products.  Their products, specifically their super star serums, are multi-active formulas allowing a single product to address multiple concerns. This means you can achieve the same amazing results you would expect from Medical Grade Skincare, without a complicated multi-step regime.


Something really special about iS Clinical is a number of their products contain Extremozymes, an ingredient exclusively used by iS Clinical. Extremozymes are enzymes produced by plants living in extreme, isolated and often barren environments. These enzymes can assist with cell survival and adaptability. They are used to help protect human skin from damage caused by environmental extremes. The enzymes are sourced from deep ocean trenches, frigid arctic tundra, arid desert climates, hot humid jungles, hot springs and even geysers.


We are excited to have iS Clinical as part of Plain Jane Skinbar and look forward to helping you discover the many benefits of their results driven products.