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What’s beneath the surface?

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Hydrating Facial

Starting at $225

The HydraFacial combats surface damage with a system that will exfoliate, extract and infuse your skin with the good stuff. Debris is cleared out and potent actives pumped in for consistent, instant gratification. Uncover a fresh face with no pain and no downtime.

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Laser Facial

Starting at $275

Laser Genesis is an effective and efficient non-invasive treatment for anyone with redness, visible pores, acne, fine lines or uneven texture — so, most of us. Amp up the structure and appearance of your skin by solving the problems, not the symptoms.

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MicroNeedling Facial

Starting at $375

Deliberately inserting tiny needles into your skin may sound a little medieval, but Microneedling is a preferred treatment for nearly everyone because it is a simple and fast way for safely restoring skin health. 

Microneedling creates microscopic channels in the skin to kick-start a regeneration process that improves the appearance of  enlarged pores, acne scars, and loss of firmness.

Fractional Facial

Starting at $400

The Clear + Brilliant technology is your best friend in the fight against time and environmental damage. A gentle, non-invasive treatment using fractional laser technology to target tone, texture and pigment. Noticeable results are delivered without the discomfort.

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Basic Facial

Starting at $250

Lose a layer, gain some glow as we gently massage the stress away. Featuring products from ZO Skin Health, this facial is the perfect option for anyone needling some R&R… but still getting those real results.

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Botox & Juvederm HA Gels

When it comes to correcting and preventing environmental skin damage we believe in healthy skin first, injectables second. It's a lot like planting a garden. You want the soil to be healthy and strong, well hydrated and nourished. Only then is the soil ready to help the flowers grow.

Just like everything else at Plain Jane, we make injectables simple and accessible with an injectable membership.

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The Plain Jane experience

Stop in to the Skinbar for effective, medical-grade facials in 45 minutes, delivered with little to no downtime from specialized technicians. We keep it short and sweet, because you don’t need to disrupt your day to save your skin.