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Environmental Damage

Environmental damage caused by sun exposure and air pollution are major offenders that deplete skin health. 90% of skin damage is caused by sun exposure. Solar rays break down collagen and elastin more quickly than would naturally occur, which leads to the weak skin that causes fine lines and wrinkles to appear.  

UV rays trigger melanin production, causing the skin to become tanned. However, many people produce melanin unevenly, resulting in an uneven skin tone due to hyperpigmentation and ‘sun spots’. What most people don’t realize is that the UV rays that lead to aging are equally strong on sunny and cloudy days. Unfortunately for city dwellers, air pollution is another factor that has been linked to dark spots and uneven texture. 

Exposure to environmental factors such as sun, changes in weather and airborne irritants can also cause broken blood vessels to appear on the face. These broken blood vessels occur just beneath the surface of the skin, resulting in uneven redness and small, web-shaped veins known as spider veins. 

Of course, there are a number of additional factors that play into decreased skin health such as poor general health, genetics and age. After the age of 30, our skin slows down collagen production and the results are only accelerated by these environmental factors. Fortunately, targeted routines that focus on correcting and preventing environmental damage can slow and even reverse the damage caused.

Amberly Donnelly

As a child, Amberly was a sun worshiper that was never one to turn down a warm hug from the sun or the inviting embrace of a tanning bed. Upon reaching her early 20s, she started to notice the damage her external environment had already inflicted on her skin. This unfortunate realization kick-started a passion for skin health. 

That enthusiasm led directly to a career in medical aesthetics, which allowed her the unique opportunity of gaining access to all of the lotions, potions, gadgets and gizmos the industry has to offer. However, as a busy young woman with a full calendar she was often overloaded with too many choices, most of which were too costly in terms of downtime and price to be effectively incorporated into her health and wellness routine.

Over the next decade, Amberly developed a simple routine of scientifically-proven facials combined with medical-grade skincare. Her method transformed her damaged skin into bright, vibrant and healthy skin. Knowing women in every neighbourhood would benefit from this kind of easy, straightforward routine, she created Plain Jane Skinbar to make the system accessible not only from a price perspective but also in terms of treatment time and downtime.

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