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Plain Jane is all about simple, accessible routines that correct and prevent environmental damage

Our treatments are easily adopted into your wellness regime for long-lasting improvements. Get an effective, medical-grade facial from a specialized technician in 30 minutes with little or no downtime after your treatment

Before your facial

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During your facial

Make yourself at home in our home. We created our space with coffee shop coziness and clinical level cleanliness in mind. Stop at the skinbar and play with the products, disinfected for safety. During your facial, get comfortable for the 30 minutes you’ll be spending with our well-trained technicians. As an opportunity for some well-deserved you time, we ask you not to bring your children or pets to the treatment.

After your facial

After you’ve completed your facial, visit the vanities for a touch up and get ready to face the world with a fresh face. Take a long look at the noticeable results you’ll see in the mirror immediately after you leave the treatment room. After you leave, let’s stay in touch. We will check in 24 hours after your facial to see how your skin is treating you.

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