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Basic Facial

Starting at $250

60 mins, no downtime, pregnancy & breastfeeding friendly

Lose a layer, gain some glow as we gently massage the stress away. Featuring products from ZO Skin Health, this facial is the perfect option for anyone needling some R&R… but still getting those real results.

ZO Skin Health Stimulator peel

Who, What & Why

Who will benefit from this treatment

Able to improve the texture and tone of any skin type, everyone can benefit from a stimulator peel. Known as ‘the lunchtime peel’, this is for nervous treatment-seekers as it’s gentle on the skin but strong on the results. Sun spots, age spots, large pores, melasma, acne -- this facial can exfoliate away the issues that ail you. With no downtime, the peel will stimulate cellular turnover, knock out fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin clarity. Perk up skin that is feeling rough or looking dull, lickety split. 

What to expect

During: Expect to relax. Our technician will perform a hydrating cleanse, followed by a gentle exfoliating polish to get the skin ready for the main event. Next, the peel solution is applied to the skin. A combination of alpha hydroxy acids (citric, glycolic and lactic acid) work to exfoliate and renew. A neutralizer is added to calm and soothe the skin while restoring to its optimal pH level. At Plain Jane, we finish this process with a 15 facial, neck and chest massage to leave you feeling fresh and clean. 

After: No pain, no peeling, no downtime. Do expect to be a little pink when you leave and the skin may feel a little tight but trust us... the results become more visible over the next few days.

Why you should get this facial 

If you are a regular at Plain Jane Skinbar, we recommend this as an important rest session between your more restorative facials. If you simply need something more relaxing, book the Basic.

The stimulator peel will improve fine lines, dullness, rough texture, and uneven skin tone -- all without redness or peeling. This is the choice for a quick, efficient exfoliation to refresh your face leaving time for a well deserved massage.

ZO Skin Health Stimulator peel

When, Where & How

When you should get this facial

Just one peel will see results, but this facial can be done as often as once a week. Commit to once monthly with our membership program, or use it as a bi-weekly pick-me-up in tandem with a Laser Facial or Fractional Facial. 

Where this facial works on your skin

This formulation targets the epidermis, clearing off the cells that are no longer serving you.

How the technology works 

The peel is made up of a unique combination of effective ingredients. A combination of lactic, citric and salicylic acid plus potent active ingredients, the formulation takes multitasking to the surface of the skin. Stimulating epidermal turnover and accelerating exfoliation, the peel evens skin tone and improves pigmentation. It also minimizes appearance of fine lines all while leaving the skin calm without irritation.


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Lose a layer, gain some glow.