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How to get the most our of your Restorative Facials.

Fall is upon us.. 

When the clouds roll in, it's time to turn your face towards the restorative benefits of Fractional and MicroNeedling Facials. If you've experienced even one of these, you'll know they are absolute game changers when it comes to fighting environmental skin damage. But how can you get the most out of them? 

What are you doing at home? 

Firstly, the work doesn't just take place in the clinic, but at home. In the words of Dr. Serene Obagi, daughter of ZO Skin Health founder Dr. Zein Obagi, what separates treatment from trauma is the health of your skin. The health of your skin is decided at home, with your skincare routine. 

In order for us to boost collagen production naturally, Fractional and MicroNeedling create micro-injuries to the skin prompting a natural healing process. This is the only true and effective way to restore collagen and elastin.  If the skin is not healthy and conditioned, it may not be capable of healing to its best ability. In this case, we could be causing damage rather than the desired result. 

ZO Skin Health has designed a system called Get Skin Ready which involves cleansing with a gentle cleanser, exfoliating and toning. This is the foundation you need to condition your skin into a healthy skin cell turnover rate which will result in optimum results from all of your facials. From here, you can add products to target your specific needs, building the best routine to promote and maintain your skin's optimum results. 

The benefits of a Hydrating Facial.. 

Another step we recommend in order to get the most out of your Restorative Facials is booking a Replenishing Facial like the Hydrating or Not So Basic. 

If you’ve experienced the Fractional, you know it’s completely normal to experience that sand-papery feeling as the skin heals beneath. The Hydrating Facial with gentle and effectively slough away the dead skin and debris to expose your glowing skin beneath.

Your skin is likely going to be craving hydration after a Restorative Facial, it’s like your skin has climbed the proverbial mountain that is healing and producing collagen, it’s now time to stop for a well-deserved drink of water at the top.    

As we mentioned before, it’s no secret the Restorative Facials are a game changer in your treatment plan. But pair it with a Replenishing Facial, and your skin is only going to glow more thanks to ingredients being able to penetrate deeper and more effectively with healthy, conditioned skin.

Bottom line?

To get the most our of your facials, Invest in good, medical grade skincare and pair Restorative Facials with Replenishing ones.