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Do you need to spend a lot of money on skincare?

Not if you’re investing in the right skincare. The truth is that yes, you could head to the drugstore and pick up a vitamin C or retinol for less than $30, but are you getting a product that’s going to make a noticeable difference to the appearance of your skin? The simple answer is: probably not. This often leads to you purchasing more products, chopping and changing, and hoping you get results. Ultimately, you’re wasting money.  

Even though Medical Grade Skincare is known to be at a higher price point than brands you find at Sephora and the drugstore, what you need to really consider is the difference between how these products are formulated. The potency of the ingredients used in products from brands like ZO Skin Health or iS Clinical have higher percentages of higher quality ingredients than those found in retail stores. They are designed to actively target your skin concerns and have the medical research and trial studies to back up any claims. While Medical Grade products might be more expensive in the moment, the payoff in terms of improved skin health and the appearance of the skin can be significant.  

Now, there are also high-end brands like Chanel, Dior, and La Prairie, who all make skincare products at a higher price point. In this case, just because it’s expensive, doesn’t mean it makes up for the lack of clinical trials. So It really isn’t about a product being better because it’s expensive, it’s about getting the product which is backed by science and research and has proven results.  

Regular and consistent use of Medical Grade skincare products between routine medical grade facials can boost collagen production, improve skin texture and radiance, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and improve acne. Not only do these results help you to maintain, healthy, glowing skin but they also reduce the need for more aggressive treatments down the road. In fact, they can also reduce the need for injectables like Botox and HA Gels. While we believe both Botox and HA gels can be powerful tools, we believe healthy skin should be the first step before anything else.