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Babe, We Should All Be Wearing Sunscreen.

Today I read a sentence that just summed up the need for sun protection in a way I have never heard before..

“Even a tan is a sign that your body is trying to adapt to an insult.”

Read that again.

That “insult” is sun exposure and it goes for everyone.

The biggest misconception is that people with darker skin tones aren’t at risk for sun damage. That’s not true. While dark skin might have more melanin to absorb and process the UV rays, there’s simply no 100% protection from UV rays. Even with the reapplication of sunscreen every two hours, you are still only looking at 98% protection at best with a SPF 50. With darker skin tones it’s harder to see the damage that’s been done from UV rays, but it’s there.

Bottom line? Everyone should be reapplying sunscreen, every day, all year round.

And let’s talk about applying sunscreen. Most people don’t apply enough (thanks Gwyneth Paltrow) and why is it that people feel the need to thoroughly rub it around their hands before smearing what’s left on their face?

Jane’s top tips for applying sunscreen: 

1 – measure out two finger lengths worth

2 – apply liberally and rub in until absorbed

3 – re-apply every 2 – 3 hours

4 – apply even when you are inside or it is overcast.  


Did you know that UVA rays are just as strong on an overcast day as they are on a sunny day? Did you know we pickup a significant amount of sun damage from the blue light of our screens?


Wear that SPF.