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Leaving The “F” Word Behind - Everything Juvederm HA Gels & Microdroplets


The F word, Filler. We are done with it and ready to leave it behind. When HA Gels first came on the market, they were used to do just that, fill lines so it made sense then. However, over the last couple of decades, technology and technique have advanced way past being a “filler” and instead into hydrating the skin from the inside out as well as restoring natural contour in the lips + mid and lower face. So instead we recognize the product for what it is, simply an HA gel. The Juvéderm family are Hyaluronic Acid based products with a gel-like consistency (hence HA Gel) that are injected into the dermis, below the dermis, or into the lip tissue. 

You might be wondering where injectables fit into your skin health routine. Our philosophy when it comes to correcting and preventing environmental skin damage is healthy skin first, injectables second. It's a lot like planting a garden. You want the soil to be healthy and strong, well hydrated and nourished. Only then is the soil ready to help the flowers grow.

It’s never an either or when it comes to maintaining or restoring skin health. It happens in levels. First you start at home with a skin care routine, then medical grade facials can be done to target specific skin conditions at a more advanced level, the next step is injectable treatments - botox to target the fine lines that have become stubborn lines, HA Microdroplets to hydrate the skin from the inside and HA gels restore facial balance and contours.

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