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Stretch It Out

There's nothing quite as relaxing as coming in for a facial at plain jane SKINBAR, knowing for 45 minutes, you can turn the world off and tune into yourself. We've asked our friend Cam Lee to put together a few post-facial yoga poses so that you can continue the zen at home and stretch out that me time, even if it's just by 15 minutes. 

  • Deep breaths - one hand over heart and one hand on belly, breathe deep into your belly. 

  • Knees into chest. Squeeze the knees into the chest, like a little ball. Breathe deep and rock back and forth, massaging your low back and tailbone. 

  • Chest opener. This pose can be an intense chest opener, similar to the photo below or a more gentle restorative one, using a pillow and lying on it lengthwise with legs in Cobbler's pose.

  • Legs up the wall 

This pose is great for digestion and bloating. Lying down on your back, shuffle your body so that the low back is pressed against the wall, bend the knees into the chest and squeeze your body into a tight little ball. When you're ready, expand and slowly swing one leg at a time up the wall, using your breath as a guide. Stay in this pose for 5-20 minutes, breathing deep into your belly. Come out of this pose the same way you went into it.

  • Savasana

This might be easy for some, but for others it might be difficult. Turn down the lights, put the phone to the side on silent and allow yourself to completely sink into your mat on your back. Arms at your side, palms facing upwards. Feet and legs as wide as the mat. Allow the body one last tight squeeze and then fully rest, no clenching or tightness in any of the muscles. Savasana - final rest. 

Enjoy these restorative poses post-facial, or any time you need a quick reset.