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Purse First

Some of us used to be able to leave the house with our keys and our phone and be good to go for the night. Now we’re in a time of hand sanitizer, face mask, lysol wipes and a mini-bar sized bottle of whiskey (desperate times call for desperate measures). 

Leaving the house can be a production, but those few and far between events are precious and absolutely worth the production. We’ve come together to compile a list of all of our purse/desk/car/pocket beauty, skin and life must-haves for the Summer to Fall transition to make it seamless for any event, whether that be a major grocery haul, a mini COVID friendly get together or coming into plain jane for your monthly facial. 

  • Hand sanitizer + Hand moisturizer

This has become an obvious one during the pandemic, but we want to focus on the moisturizer. Our hands have taken a beating from the constant washing/sanitizing and our hands need that moisture love just like our face/neck does.

  • Mask 

Another obvious one. Here’s hoping it won’t be needed soon! PS - we provide fresh masks at plain jane pre/post facials! 

  • A mini-makeup bag with JUST the essentials

Lip balm, cover-up, nail file and whatever lipstick you are wearing that day! #forgetfoundation

  • Detachable hood

A detachable hood is the new compact umbrella. Be rain ready. 

  • Granola/protein bar

We’re so used to being at home all day, 2 steps from our fridge and pantry, our stomachs are used to food that is easily accessible - let’s avoid getting hangry. 

Enjoy getting out of the house, we all said we missed it so much. Time to follow through on never saying “no” to plans again - is it bad we kind of regret that already?