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Facial Upgrade

Minimum of $200 ($10/unit)

20 minutes, no downtime

Get a microdose injection of Botox Cosmetic to gently relax facial muscles, softening fine lines and wrinkles. Only a small amount needed when integrated consistently into a skincare routine. 

Who, What & Why

Who will benefit from this treatment

Finding that your fine lines are beginning to stick around, but still want to be able to express your happiness during happy hour? Used to be a lifeguard, and now want to dip your toe into injectables? A microdose of Botox Cosmetic makes for a fresh and smooth face that maintains natural movement. It’s an entry-level injection for anyone looking to prevent or correct early signs of wrinkles. A tiny hit can elevate any of the Plain Jane medical-grade facial. 

What to expect

During: To get things started, our highly qualified naturopath will do a consultation to hear your goals, look at your facial structure and discuss a recommended strategy. After determining you’re comfortable with the custom approach that best flatters your face, the naturopath will perform several tiny injections. Just like that, you and your facial lines are outta there.

After: It may take at least 24 hours and up to two weeks to see the effects of your microdose. When they kick in your targeted muscles will relax, causing your skin to soften and flatten. Although most will have no side effects and zero downtime, some may see transient redness, pain or light bruising around the injection site.

Why you should get this upgrade

Microdoses will soften any dynamic wrinkles that have started to become more permanent. Use them to correct or prevent early signs of aging by smoothing the skin without changing your face.

When, Where & How

When you should get this facial

Our philosophy is centered around small and steady, more often. We recommend microdoses every 12 to 16 weeks to elevate your medical-grade facials. 

Where this facial works on your skin

Microdoses of Botox Cosmetic do their best work on the muscles of the face just below the skin. The area of treatment depends on the path decided by you and our highly qualified naturopath.

How the technology works 

Botox Cosmetic is a neuromodulator, which means it blocks signals to a muscle from the nerves surrounding it, Neuromodulators are injected into a muscle in order to pause it from over-activating and relax it, resulting in a smoothing of the skin.


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