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Save your skin this summer

If all you want is that effortless, sun-kissed summer glow without sacrificing protection from the sun's unforgiving rays, keeping reading because we have you covered. When used in combination with the proper sun protection, most of our medical-grade facials can be done all year long, including the sunniest of months. Keeping up your monthly skin care schedule will help make sure your skin is looking and feeling healthy all year long. Choose from one of our most popular and attainable facials.

The Hydrating Facial combats surface-level environmental damage with the Hydrafacial technology. It will refresh the skin with a gentle, vacuum-like clean and infuse specialty serums into your dermis to give the skin the nutrients it needs to fight against UV exposure. 

The Laser Facial amps up the structure and appearance of your skin, which is more quickly broken down in the summer due to harsh sun rays. We use the Laser Genesis technology, which has a deep penetrating laser energy that looks past the skin's pigment. This makes the Laser Facial a safe procedure from all skin types. With proper sun protection you can benefit from this facial year-round, including those summer months when your face is more likely to be tanned. 

The Basic Facial means you can lose a layer and gain some glow for that effortless, easy-breezy summer skin. Overdid it on a patio yesterday and forgot the SPF? A Basic Facial can incorporate a calming mask to aid recovery post-sunburn, reducing the damage caused. 

Check in with your skin therapist for a tailored facial designed to fit your specific needs -- and most importantly, remember to wear sunscreen every. single. day!!!