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Post-Party Skin

Some might say that not drinking at all is the best way to cure a hangover, but we know better than that. We’re also a lot more fun than that. We’ve compiled a tried and true list of hangover skin cures as well as some tips for dealing with hangxiety - it plagues us all.

  1. Hydration - old faithful here. Alcohol is a diuretic and drains the body of it’s hydration, including the skin’s hydration. This can cause the appearance of wrinkles, sagging skin and a dry feeling in the skin when you wake up. The skin is inflamed and needs hydration. Staying hydrated the night before is key, water throughout the evening and between drinks. If that’s not possible, drinking a Liquid IV/electrolyte beverage/coconut water before you go to bed will help boost the hydration in the body and skin. This not only helps with skin but also your general hangover. In the morning, water and a glass of pure 100% orange juice (not in a mimosa preferably) to boost vitamin C intake. 
Products that promote hydration at plain jane SKINBAR:
H.A. Intensifier from SkinCeuticals
Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 from SkinCeuticals


2. Exercise - yuck, we know. We love a good pilates class as much as the next person, but we acknowledge that getting out of bed with a hangover to walk to the fridge for leftovers is hard enough. But it works. Getting the sweat dripping helps release the toxins from the night before and the blood flow pumping through your body, which in turn improves blood flow through the skin. This can be as simple as a 30 minute power walk to grab your take-out, The Balance at Jaybird or an intense Lagree West session if you’re feeling confident in your day after capabilities. 

3. This is a bit of a night before trick, but do not sleep with your makeup on and make sure you do your skincare routine before bed. It doesn’t have to be the full luxurious event it might normally be, just a double cleanse and a generous amount of a hydrating and calming moisturizer for the inflammation, loss of moisture/hydration and redness. Making sure the debris and makeup from the night before is off before lying on your pillow will do wonders to avoid skin congestion and a breakout the next day. If you happen to...forget/black out/fall asleep with chicken nuggets and still in the outfit from that night, make sure to change your pillowcases before sleeping on them the next day and check out the products below. 

Phyto Corrective Masque from SkinCeuticals 
Exfoliating Polish from ZO Skin Health
Eye Brightening Creme from ZO Skin Health
AOX Eye Gel from SkinCeuticals 
Complexion Renewal Pads from ZO Skin Health

4. Stay away from sugary/greasy foods. It might be tempting to reach for a burger or a healthy helping of chips while rotting on the couch, but your best bet is to avoid putting any other inflammatory or skin-triggering foods into your body. For a happy medium, order in a Pho or make eggs and buttered toast with fresh fruit. 

Once you’ve done all of these, book in for a Hydrafacial with us - immediately. We’ve got you covered. Cheers!