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Our Fall Favourites

As we transition seasons, we’re hauling out our Fall wardrobe, our bold lipsticks, and waving goodbye to Summer and it’s trends. These are the beauty, fashion, lifestyle and food trends we are loving and looking forward to for Fall that you’ll hear us chatting about at plain jane SKINBAR.

Amberly is loving switching over to her Fall colours officially for the season. Scarlet Orange and Lemon Yellow are her go-to's (she's been forbidden from only wearing black). These colours brighten up even the moodiest of days. 

Jaclyn is looking forward to the arrival of her first child this season! Her Fall trend is being a mom, which never goes out of style in our opinion. 

Katarina is a certified foodie and whenever the cold weather begins, she pulls out all the recipes for stews, soups and anything liquid that warms the belly. Soups to her are a sure sign that Fall is here and that’s the only thing she’ll be eating for months to come. 

Chloe is loving cozying up for sweater weather again, she’s already pulled out all her cozy sweaters. A timeless piece of clothing for all Fall lovers. 

Emma loves a bold, moody lip for Fall, for whenever she’s not wearing a mask. The transition from bright summer colours to the deep rich Fall tones are her favourite trend. 

Fall marks mushroom picking season for Nicole, which is the coolest hobby we've ever heard, so make sure you ask her all about it next time you book in for a facial with Nicole. (She also mentioned she loves the way her dog matches the leaves in Fall - so cute!)

Amanda loves a good hot Chai, which isn't exactly a trend, but is a Fall staple in her books. Her go to is East is East but she loves grabbing a dirty Chai from Chickpea. Both are Main St staples and are perfect post-facial grabs. 

Little did you all know, Tessa is a secret badass. Her favourite movie is Top Gun and she looks forward to Fall for the return of leather jackets. You’ll see her rocking a classic black leather jacket with any outfit.

What's your favourite Fall trend? Sound off in the comments or chat with us about it at your next facial.